Welcome Message from the President of Onomichi City University

Welcome to Onomichi City University

 The President of Onomichi City University
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 Do you know Onomichi?  Onomichi is a unique tourist attraction site and old historical town in Japan. Onomichi is an old economic city and one of beauty and culture. It has prospered as a key trade area since the Edo era and was famous as a rice trading center which was almost comparable with DOJIMA, the biggest market in Edo Japan. Moreover TOMONOURA near here is the point where currents from Osaka and Kyushu meet. Onomichi is also well-known for its literature and fine arts. NAOYA SHIGA, FUMIKO HAYASHI and IKUO HIRAYAMA were greatly attracted to Onomichi and conducted creative activities here. It is very natural that such a commercial and artistic city founded Onomichi City University. Many visitors were even more attracted to this city after the war because Onomichi didn’t suffer any war damage or serious natural disasters, so that the old appearance of the town is well preserved and many films use Onomichi as a backdrop.

 Onomichi City University is rather small in scale, with about three hundred students in one year a total of 1,300 students. We have around sixty teaching staff which is roughly one teacher to six students. Onomichi City University is a university where you feel at home, characterized by the intimacy between students and also between students and teaching staff. You can easily establish new relationships which will surely increase your study motivation.

 We must mention the origin of our university. It was the sincere endeavors of volunteers in Onomichi that set up an advanced women’s school in 1946, in a state of chaos just after the war. They considered that the next leaders of the new Japan should be prominent and well educated women. Their passionate spirits moved the city and the government. These forward looking and unselfish contributions have supported Onomichi and Onomichi City University.

 One of characteristics of our university is off-campus study. Students majoring in Japan Literature collaborate closely with Arts students to produce Books Onomichi. Students majoring in Design work with businesses in town and contribute to make company logos and promotional videos. This year we have opened a new satellite studio in town, which we hope will stimulate students’ activities in town. Onomichi City University is full of freedom and creativity. Why don’t you come and join with our pleasant and creative university life?