Welcome Message from Vice Presidents of Onomichi City University

 KAWADA Kazuyoshi
 The Vice President of
 Onomichi City University

 We want you to get to know the vibrant Onomichi City University community. We provide access to quality higher education, opportunities to help you realize your full potential, and academic excellence – all in a friendly, caring and collegiate environment.

 We have established agreements for mutual student exchange with Portland State University, U.S.A., Dalian University of Foreign Languages, Peking Capital Normal University, and the University of Sydney, Australia. Now international student enrollment accounts for more than 20 persons. To obtain the educational benefits that flow from a diverse student body justifies, in my view, admissions standards that look favorably on international students.

 Our historic campus surrounded by lake and hills is located in one of the most scenic suburban areas in Onomichi City. The Onomichi region is graced with a mild climate in all seasons and abundant, beautiful nature facing the Seto Inland Sea National Park. So it is quite an exciting and suitable place for you to live and pursue your study.

 When you walk around our campus, you will feel the pride of our Onomichi City University community—our faculty, staff, alumni and students. We continue to improve on our legacy of being the leading college in western area of Japan.
 On campus, you will also see hope and enthusiasm in the eyes of future graduates who will leave OCU to compete for leadership positions in Japan, and around the world.
 We encourage you to visit and see for yourself.
 If you would like a higher education experience that will just keep getting better, take a good look at Onomichi City University.



 SHIOKAWA Takatoshi
 The Vice President of
 Onomichi City University

 Onomichi is a place of old history, at the same time, it always accepts the new stimulus and trends, this makes for an interesting and remarkable city. Many people have come here to create an exciting new life. Students of this university also enjoy, reconstruct, and create new attractive experiences here, and then their energy makes this city bright and amazing.

 The location of Onomichi City University, Hisayamada is surrounded by water and greenery of nature making an ideal academic environment. Students are testing their ability and respecting each other in their specialized academic field.

 We, all of the faculty members, are ready to support and help you devote yourself to your study.