i.        Economics, Management & Information Science.

 Department of Economics, Management & Information Science has three specialized courses:

Economics: Study, application and utilization of theories of economics. Analysis of economics utilizing computer, network, database, and other computer soft-programming, and fostering essential human resources with knowledge and problem-solving ability. 

Management: Teaches information literacy focused on these three perspectives.

  • Database theories and their application
  • Decision-making and System Contemplation
  • Cooperation Data System

Information Science: One of the major characteristics of this course is to foster data system specialists who have deep knowledge of both economics and management. Students are expected to contribute practical management through data-system management after the accomplishment of this course.


ii.      Japanese Literature

 Department of Japanese Literature teaches Japanese literature, history of Japanese linguistics, and present Japan, and fosters scholars and educators through the accomplishment of specialized knowledge and ability.


iii.     Art and Design

 In Department of Art and Design, students experience specialized practice based on foundation of local culture and basic knowledge of art. In addition, this department fosters specialists as writers, educators, and ones who can contribute their ability in other fields with high-leveled skill sets as Japanese painters, oil painters, and designers.

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