Graduate Program in Art & Design

Graduate Program in Art & Design



 This program aims to create fresh vision and expression in the diversity of cultural life and change in the social environment. To achieve this, both students and instructors make continuous effort with self-study.

 Based on the motivation of each research office, each graduate student makes an annual curriculum plan under discussion with the supervisor. 

 Mid-term, students have an opportunity to present about their research and have instructions for further development.

 Students and their supervisor have opportunities for discussion to deepen the contents of study.


1.     Inherit precious tradition with strong focus on classic research, at the same time, produce and research twenty-first-century arts for the contribution for painting and design from contemporary perspectives

2.     Devote self to newly expanding materials and skills of technology innovation, and research a variety of new creative expression based on computer development.

3.     Foster knowledge through education that aims for the foundation of human being, and train logical thinking as well as foster creators who have excellent expressive sense through works and essays.


Graduate Program of Art & Design has an integrated six-year curriculum from bachelor program through graduate program to provide practical education for the development of creative ability.  Curriculum consists of basic theory subjects, specialized seminar subjects, research tutoring subjects, and specialized practice subjects.

(1) Painting

Japanese painting

 Japanese painting course aims to accomplish the understanding of expression, skills and materials and the creative sense of classical masterpiece and develop a sophisticated individual creative ability.

 This course provides diverse instruction through a two-core curriculum. One is focused on fostering individual creative ability and the other is focused on applied study of skills and materials through copying classical works.

Oil painting

 In oil painting course, students set each theme for their production activity, and learn painting with unique expression, skills, and materials.

(2) Design


 Design course aims to develop the broad intellectual horizon flexibility, thoughtful insight, and expression.

 This course is divided into 3 categories; Visual Transmission, Media Transmission, and Creation Transmission conducted by tutor’s specialized study.