Graduate Program in Japanese Literature

Graduate Program in Japanese Literature



Graduate Program in Japanese Literature aims to enrich and develop Onomichi literature and art history and to foster people who will fully contribute to society.

  This program focuses on the following:

(1) Japanese ways of consideration and comprehensiveness of language culture
This program explores the origin of Japanese literature / culture that has created the characteristics of the Japanese language.

(2) Restoration of communication with human beings, history, environment, and nature
Onomichi has a traditional art culture consisting of beautiful nature and enriched historical environment. Essential research and investigation of Japanese literature and culture could be an important starting point to promote precise human nature and expressive sensitivity.

(3) Realization of genuine internationalization
  High-level adults and/or vocational specialists with genuine global sense are prospective resources to contemporary society.


 The graduate program in Japanese Literature aims to cultivate the deep understanding and the broad vision on Japanese linguistics, literature, and art culture, and to learn interdisciplinary knowledge with international sense for different cultures. Through affluent intelligence and excellent morality, we foster capable people to become a leaders in social and cultural activities.

The followings are examples of the talent we foster:

 1. Leaders in cultural activities and education practice

      We foster leaders who have special knowledge on Japanese literature and culture and apply the ability to cultural activities.

 2. People of knowledge with interdisciplinary skills and broad outlook

      We cultivate competent people with linguistic abilities and broad outlook, who can adjust to a variety of professions.

 3. People who commit to local cultural activities

      We train leaders to work for local cultural facilities and other organizations, and facilitates cultural activities.

 4. People who contribute to society through literary expression and writing activities

      We foster excellent graduates with a deep understanding and interest in literary expression and writing activities, as well as the ability to be active in the information industry and mass media.

 5. People devoted to society

      We develop graduates that work for life-long education and supports productive senior life.

 6. People who are enthusiastic about research

      Basically we foster high-level vocational specialists, at the same time, we encourage students who wish to be researchers.

Prospective Profession after graduation

(1) Work for education and society

(2) Domestic and global communication site

(3)Local and life-long education site


 Graduate Program in Japanese Literature has three main educational categories, Japanese literature, Japanese linguistics, and Chinese literature. These categories aim for high-level continuous development from the bachelor level, and consist of applied knowledge of both international culture and local (indigenous) culture.

 Curriculum consists of four phases; comprehensive subjects, basic subjects, specialized subjects, and related subjects as following: