Our Mission

 Our Mission 

Quest and Creation for “Wisdom and Beauty” 

Education: We cultivate

 Onomichi City University provides precise knowledge, specialized ability, enriched education and broad intellectual horizons. It also fosters people who can contribute in local society as well as lead on a global scale. We maximize the advantage of the small-sized class structure, which is one of our unique characteristics.

Furthermore, both students and faculty members learn together through sincere communications under the spirit of 「教学半」or “Half of teaching is learning.” Onomichi City University firmly educates to cultivate the curiosity, the spirit of quest for “Wisdom and Beauty”, solid foundation of academic work, excellent specialized knowledge, and enriched humanity.

Study: We Create

 Onomichi City University provides unique studies to broaden new horizon of “Wisdom and Beauty” based on the policy that enriched education needs continuous endeavor and academic foundation to produce the enlighten result. To do so, all of the university staff members cooperate and collaborate with different fields and outer organizations in a positive attitude, and practice further academic studies for the creation of genuine “Wisdom and Beauty.”

Contribution for Society: We Utilize

 Onomichi City University responds to the trust and the expectation of the public. Therefore; we continuously provide excellent education and studies for the cultivation and creation of “Wisdom and Beauty,” at the same time, we try to do our best to be useful to society.